Thursday, September 25, 2008

SLCS Visit Wanaka Wastebusters

On Tuesday we had a visit from Southern Lakes Christian School senior class. This was a continuation on the visit we made to the resource recovery park in Queenstown. It's great for everyone to see 2 different recycling systems in operation.

On the tour we follow the path of the recycling you put out at home. Walking around the yard you can see all the different processes it goes through, the sorting line, storage, bailing, more storage....You get to see and smell why it's a good idea to rinse out your recycling. As we watch the press compact the materials we guess how much it will compact them? Wonder at how much the polystyrene machine chomps through and so much more.....

If you would like to book a tour around Wanaka Wastebusters then please contact me, Simon (, 03 443 8606 ext.3) and we will find a time that suits. The tours last about 30 - 90 mins depending on your level of interest and questions.

Pictures of the tour will be added soon.

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