Monday, October 20, 2008

Reuse - Yr.4 Queenstwon Primary and Yr. 3 St. Jospehs

I've just had another fabulous week in Queenstown, you guys ROCK! After the success with the Year 3's at Queenstown Primary I was asked if I could go back and deliver the module to the Year 4's. This only occupied me for the mornings so I shot across town to St. Josephs for an afternoon class with their Year 3's. Just like the last time I delivered this module, we all had a ball.

One of the exercises is to split the class into groups. Give each group a paper bag with three items in it. We then go around the groups and they pull out the items one at a time and come up with as many different ways as possible to reuse the item. Once all the items are out the groups are then asked to come up with an idea of what all three items could be reused together as. I had no idea that a lemon squeezer, a book and a cardboard box could be turned into a Mexican snowboarder!

Queenstown Primary have just become and Enviroschool and being in class gave me a fantastic opportunity to talk to the different teachers about activities they can use from the Enviroschools kit for some of the other work they are doing.

Right then, I'm off, Enviroschools workshop in Dunedin tomorrow, expect a full report by the end of the week! Enjoy the pics below, look out for the Mexican snowboarder.

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