Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enviroschools in 4 Minutes

I'm sure that some of you will be aware tha tthe National government has announced that it will soon be cutting the funding for Enviroschools. We are sure that this has been a simple oversight which will be turned around as soon as the politicians realise what the implications will be.

In the mean time, a talented young film maker from Dunedin, Nick Holmes, took time out of his life to make a short doco about Enviroschools and the fabulous work it inspires young poeple to take. This film is beautiful and explains how Enviroschools is so much more than just a kit in school. Well done Nick! Get yourself comfortable and press play....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh my goodness.....

I've jsut realised how long it is since I've made a post here. I hope you don't all think I've been resting up doing nothing.....I wish....well, I don't actually. Anyways the last term has been crazy;

  • The new Enviroschools kit is launched - I travelled to Rotorua to meet with all the other facilitators, regional coordinators and national team to unpack it. If you thought the first kit was an amazing resouce then be prepared to rethink and be regenergised. This kick rocks!

  • I've been trained on three more Zero Waste modules to deliver in schools; Reduce - year 3/4, Recycling - Year 5/6 & Resource Sustainability - Year 7/8.

  • I've been having lots of sessions with teachers planning.

  • ReGeneration Wanaka - 21 students from MAC took part in an all day workshop ran by Jinty and Te Rawhitiroa from Enviroschools National Team - Talk about re-energised.....These guys are our future and after the ideas they came up with I'm feeling much more confident about where we are headed.

  • You may have heard that natinal funding for Enviroschools and our fantastic EfS team has been withdrawn by the National Government. Come on guys, please don't take away our money. If you have four minutes to spare I urge you to watch an awesome movie made by a very talented young film maker from Dunedin over at YouTube
So thats the editted highlights...keep you eyes peeled for more to come over what is looking to be a very cold and fun winter! Wrap up warm and find lots of cool sustinable projects to do on these long winter nights.......