Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wanaka Primary Planning Session

On Tuesday morning I worked with Claire and Kerry from Wanaka Primary using the planning tools from the kit. We discussed two action project ideas, edible gardens and tidying up the exercise track around the school grounds.

We chose to plan the edible gardens. Using the action planner from section 3 of the kit, Kerry and Claire soon got the hang of it so they can now carry out this exercise with the children. This also helped identify the different elements the project will involve, which was just the information we needed to help us fill out the Enviroschools project planner from the handbook. This planner indicates the guiding questions asked, which activities can be used to answer those questions, the desired competencies, what the students and teachers will do, how it will tie into the curriculum areas and what time scale it has. This planner can now be passed around at the next staff meeting to help bring everyone up to speed with what the project involves and see how different elements this project can carried out by different classes / groups within school.

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