Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reuse - Queenstown Primary and Southern Lakes Christian School

Last week I delivered the first of the EERST Zero Waste Education modules. Myself and the year 3's from Queenstown Primary and the year 3 & 4's from Southern Lakes Christian School had a fantastic time discussing all the ways we can reuse our stuff.

The idea behind this is that we buy less and throw away less. We have some great discussions about our stuff and what to do with it once we have used it for it's original purpose. I'm in class for four lessons on consecutive days and we have a range of activities to do from the workbook. The culmination on the final day is for every student to make either a desk tidy or piggy bank of of what would have been waste in the past. The only rule is that we cannot use anything new.

I was blown away with all the great creations we made, have a look at some of the awesome pics below, I'm sure you will be as impressed as I am. If you would like to book me to come to teach some of these modules at your school please email me,

Check out Room 23's blog and see their take on the Reuse module, well done guys, such great work!

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