Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Queenstown Primary - A New Enviroschool

On Monday afternoon, Jenny Neilson (Otago Enviroschools Regional Coordinator), Tania McLean (Education for Sustainability Adviser, University of Otago College of Education) and myself were invited to a full staff meeting at Queenstown Primary. The main purpose of this was to congratulate them on becoming and Enviroschool and introduce the full staff to the program.

We introduced ourselves and what we did, giving examples of how we can help school and some of the projects we have worked on in other Enviroschools. Gave a quick overview of the Enviroschools program and Tania did a super fast version of her introduction to Education for Sustainability presentation.

The meeting was wrapped up with a photo shoot and interview for the ODT, so keep your eyes out for that. Thanks to Stefan Borowy (QLDC solid waste manager) and Noel from the board of trustees for coming along to sign the agreement and celebrate school joining this fantastic program.

Congratulations Queenstown Primary, we are all very excited about having you on board with Enviroschools and we are all looking forward to being involved in all the great projects you come up with.

To find out more about Queenstown Primary, visit their website (

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