Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Smiddles worm farm

After spending ages at Queenstown Primary I managed to inspire the smiddles, yep you read it right, they are kinda past being middles but not quite seniors, so smiddles they become.

There were 4 students from each of the three classes and we had a great morning. We had a chat about the action learning cycle and all the different stages to a successful project. Then we set about identifying our current situation.

We made a map of the smiddles classrooms and placed all the information we needed onto that. 3 possible worm farm sites and created some voting cards and arranged a public place to display it.

We figured out it would be a good idea to measure the amount of organic waste that was generated in a week. So one crew is measuring that. Some posters were made to advertise what kind of waste we were collecting and script was written for QPS news so we can tell the whole school about what is being done.

Some research was done into different worm farm designs and we now have a choice of two type. The stackable tyres and a bath tub. I think the volumes were talking about will show us that the tyres are the best option. Keep your eyes peeled here for progress.

And before you look at the pics, I should perhaps mention it was crazy hair day too. Thank you so much Mrs. Walker for sorting me out a green mohican. It certainly started a few conversations back here upon my return.

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