Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Look at us, we've got a bike track!

Yesterday I went up to Hawea Flat to do the end of year summary for their Enviroschools work and look what I found.......

....doesn't it look sick? So if you don't ride a bike then you may not quite appreciate how good this is, but take it from me this is one amazing addition to the school playgrounds and community. The children are buzzing about it. They are currently going through various safety training sessions so they can get the qualified to ride it.

So for those in the know, they have two dirt jump lines, one large, one small with a series of pumps for the return to the drop in ramp. There is a very large pump track in the shape of an 'H' and what looks to be a very fun track around the whole thing.

There is still a little more digger work to do on landscaping the site but for the most part it is ridable. As you can see there is also much more work to do, an orchard is being planned, water needs to be investigated, these things need to be watered otherwise they will just blow away into clouds of dust.

The track has been built by the Four Four Three boys, of Dirt Park and Lismore Park fame. I'm absolutely blown away by what they have achieved here. Such a great job guys.

This has been such and amazing project to be involved in, I think it really shows us that we can get what we want if we put the work in. The Envirogroup had the idea, they found some people to help. A local project manager offered up some time to help start it off, they visited Lakes Environmental to get permission, sweet talked the local earth workers, raised funds to help pay for it, involved road and bike safety people.....the list just goes on. Fantastic work everyone involved....I think I might just have to pay a visit there on Saturday afternoon and see if it rides as good as it looks.

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KG said...

what an amazing amount of work has gone into this park. The students who have initiated this project must be feeling very proud of the results so far. It is a fabulous asset to the local area and will be loads of fun for bike enthusiasts. I will be interested to find out more, especially how the landscaping and watering develops. Well done Hawea Flat School.
Kerry Guise, Wanaka Primary