Monday, September 21, 2009

Central Otago Edible Garden Workshop

Edible gardens are on the tip of everyones tongues in EfS world at the moment.....mostly becasue growing your own food is not only fun but one of the easiest ways to help reduce our carbon footprint. The food we buy, especially here in Central has to come a very long way to get to us and as such has pretty high food miles associated with it.

This workshop was organised by Kathy Hamilton (Healthy Eating Coordinator from Healthy Eating Healthy Action), Jo Arthur (Health Promotion Coordinator from the Heart Foundation) and Tania McLean (EfS Advisor for Otago & Southland). They certainly pulled the stops out to make this event happen, the turnout was amazing, about 40 people came to learn about edible gardening in schools.

The day was split into activites for all of us together, such as Jo's fabulous cooking demo, and break out groups. I lead the compost break out group so am not too sure what went on in the planting, using your produce & curriculum links groups. what I do know is that everyone was full of energy and ideas during the day.....It's so good to see teachers getting so excited about such important projects.

With all of the learning done we headed over to Central Wormworx to see how commercial worm farming is done. Thanks Robbie, the perfect end to a fantastic day!

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